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Dog Breeds That Don’t Grow Big

Tiny dogs are commonly the  that don’t grow big when they get older. These small and little pooches are only a few inches in height but remain physically fit and active throughout their lives.

Are you amazed by how these small dogs stay healthy for the rest of their lives? Have you ever even wondered how little they look? Continue reading this article and take a look at the list below of these tiny dog breeds that stay small forever.


One of the tiniest dog breeds is the Bolognese. This dog’s height can be up to 11 inches and weighs four to eight pounds only. Bolognese is a dog breed known for being playful with children and other pooches. More so, Bolognese is affectionate and smart, as they are easy to train.

Brussels Griffon

Another small dog breed is the Brussel Griffon. This dog’s height usually ranges from seven to eight inches. Typically, it weighs from 8 to 10 pounds and not exceeding 12 pounds. There are two types of this breed, which are the Smooth one and the Rough Coat. Just like Bolognese, Brussels Griffon is a dog breed that is also recognized for being playful. Brussels Griffons are also affectionate and are best to adopt for first-time pet owners.


The name Cavoodle originated from a hybrid between a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and a Toy Poodle. This dog breed is also a tiny one that doesn’t grow big forever. The dog’s size is nine to 15 inches, and it weighs 11 to 22 pounds only. If you are allergic to pets, a Cavoodle is perfect for you as it is hypoallergenic. A Cavoodle is also playful and a good lap dog. In addition, although this dog breed is sociable, it doesn’t bark much.

Cavoodle dog


The most common tiny dog is the Chihuahua. Generally, its height is from six to 10 inches, or 15 to 25 in centimeters. This dog breed weighs only less than 6 pounds that range explicitly from 1.8 to 2.7 kg. There are two types of Chihuahuas, which are the Smooth short-haired and the long-haired. Chihuahuas are also tagged as playful and affectionate dogs. They can also be useful as watchdogs. Moreover, if you plan to have a dog for the first time, Chihuahuas are highly recommended for you to consider.


Chinese Crested Dog

Another tiny dog that stays small no matter what happens is the Chinese Crested Dog. Ideally, this dog breed has a height ranging from 11 to 13 inches and weights up to 12 pounds only. A Chinese Crested Dog comes in two varieties, which are the Powderpuff and the Hairless one. Just like most of the tiny dogs mentioned, Chinese Crested Dogs are so playful and affectionate. They are right around children and good to have if you are a newbie fur parent.


Dachshund (Mini)

There are two varieties of the Dachshund Dog Breed – the Standard one and the Miniature type. The dog breed that doesn’t grow big …

What Is the Best Hosting Provider?

What Is the Best Hosting Provider?

The market is saturated with hosting providers. With that, it can be challenging for you to choose the most ideal for your website. So, how can you find the best hosting provider?

The following is a list of the in the market today to help you with your search.


One of the leading hosting services today is the Bluehost. It can be your comprehensive web hosting when it comes to versatility, security, reliability, and speed. This is also the best hosting provider for beginners. It is advisable by WordPress and comes with 30 days money-back guarantee. It features an SSL certificate and a free domain.

They also offer 24/7 customer service to accommodate your needs. So, you can always get in touch to them whenever you encounter some issues. If you want to increase the rank of your website on search engines, Bluehost can be your efficient partner. It comes with SEO tools and provides your idea of optimizing your website for better ranking. It also has unmetered bandwidth. This hosting service also features a Weebly-based website builder.

Bluehost has a pricing plan which starts at $7.99 per month. They are a reliable hosting provider and has a good reputation in the industry.


The HostGator is among the best shared web hosting you can use for your website. It is available with 45 days money-back guarantee. It has unmetered disk space and bandwidth. It also comes with a $200 search credit. If you want quality web hosting service at a competitive cost, HostGator can be perfect for you.

It has 3 VPS hosting plans, so you can choose one that suits your budget. It has an SSL certificate and a free domain. It is ideal for small businesses. They provide support to all plans. It also provides Windows hosting and other options to upgrade like VPS hosting, cloud hosting, dedicated server, WordPress management, and more. The shared hosting plans begin at $2.75 monthly.

Raiola Networks

If you are a budget-conscious website owner, the raiola networks is a good choice. It starts at $2.59 monthly. It is recommended by WordPress and offers more wallet-friendly monthly plans. Unlike most hosts, it doesn’t utilize the basic cPanel. It features smart anti-spam, mobile and desktop sync, 25GB storage as well as ad-free webmail.

One unique feature of is that it has a custom control panel for your website management. It has a user-friendly interface making it popular for many users. It offers a free plugin that can move your WordPress site easily. They provide 24/7 customer support through email. However, they offer live chat support on business hours. It comes with 97 days of a free trial, giving you the time and experience to try it out before fully subscribing for your website.


If you are looking for excellent cloud web hosting, Hostinger is for you. It comes with a free SSL certificate, unlimited bandwidth, and DDoS protection. It provides better features and control performance due to its customized control panel.…

Best apps to download youtube videos to Android

Best apps to download youtube videos to Android

In the digital era, streaming services and online radio stations are more common among the netizens. It’s gradually replacing the idea of creating and curating individual music collection. Nevertheless, streaming music is recommended, especially if you haven’t ventured outside. For that reason, let’s look at the best music download app for your Android in 2020.

Best apps to download youtube videos

If you’re heading on vacation or your data gets depleted, you’ll still enjoy your favorite music provided it’s downloaded. Thankfully, this is possible due to the immense number of apps that offer this feature.


SoundCloud is an outstanding music free app that allows users to download their favorite music using their Android. Artists are free to upload their content to SoundCloud, and that content can be accessed by anyone who finds it fascinating. This app boasts over 120 million tracks, which is surplus to the users’ requirements. Besides music, there are plenty of live shows, podcasts, and other content to listen to. Like Spotify, SoundCloud has a free and paid version. The free version is dominated by independent artists, while the premium version is bombarded with popular music from celebrated artists. The type of version ideal for you will depend on your favorite music or shows.


To date, Spotify is the most renowned streaming service. It’s the ideal platform to discover the latest music, constitutes a fantastic discovery engine that aids users in finding the newest tracks to listen to. Spotify makes it hassle-free to create, share, and to add playlists.

Regardless of your music preferences, Spotify is the best download music app for you. Spotify comes in two versions, free and premium versions. The Premium version comes with more perks in contrast to the free version. With a paid version, you can download your favorite songs or albums offline, unlike the free version where all downloads require the internet.


Deezer has been in existence for quite some time, and it’s one of the superb free music apps. This app comes with Deezer’s Flow feature that helps you spot new artists, and you can listen to your preferred playlists and mixes. Deezer has lyric fetching, immense playlist creation, and mixes centered on individual artists. Like other music download apps, Deezer comes with a free and paid version. The premium version boasts several privileges such as superb audio and offline listening and renders Android Auto support to those interested.

Pandora Music

is another renowned music download app. This app is more adored due to its user-friendly interface and cross-platform support. With Pandora Radio, you can listen and enjoy your favorite music virtually on any platform that you’re attracted to, and your stations will play the music you select. Over the last few years, the Pandora Radio content library has grown immensely. The overall experience is somewhat promising. They have an exclusive, on-demand streaming service for anyone interested in streaming without quitting Pandora. The free version of this app also does wonders.

Google Play Music

Google Play Music, …

Strange Things in Google Maps is a Web Site for the Cosmic Voyeur in All of Us

One of the most addictive and coolest web sites around today is called Map of Strange: Strange Things in Google Maps. Everybody loves Google Maps, of course. Well, everybody who doesn’t get frustrated when they find their own local destination isn’t one of those places not lost in the muddled mess of miasma that hasn’t yet been updated by the satellites with which Google does bidness. But Map of Strange takes the potential of Google Maps to illogical and thoroughly wonderful, not to mention strange, places.

Google logo neon light signage

For instance, anyone who is a fan of Jonathan Swift and his masterpiece Gulliver’s Travels will be fascinated by the satellite view of an enormous, and enormously impressive, figure of Gulliver tied to a playground by real life Lilliputians in Spain.

Navigation of Map of Strange begins on the left with the latest updates, but to totally enjoy the site to its ultimate your attention is best direct rightward. There you will find a menu of sorts that includes such clickable tags as Sightseeing, Strange, Writing, Cool and Mysteries. They are what they promise. For instance, by clicking on Sightseeing you will be taken to a page that includes such fascinating and never to be forgotten satellite images as, I kid you not, crop circle art in the shape of Oprah Winfrey’s head, or a rare view of the Seattle Space Needle from directly overhead. Clicking on the tag for Cool takes you to everything from a headache-inducing fantasia known as one of ultra-hip architect Frank Gehry’s buildings to the very uncool John Travolta’s house in Ocala, Florida.

It is the Mystery tag that brings up some of the most interesting Google Earth images. For instance, under the left-hand description Line in Ocean will pop up a satellite image of the water with a very long whitish line. What is it? I don’t know, he’s on a third, and I don’t give a damn. A really cool mysterious image is of a man’s face that, as you might well expect, has been said to resemble Jesus Christ, though of course there is not even a description of what Jesus looked like, much less any visual representation by which to make such a comparison.

The world is filled with odd images and shadows and really weird things that people created and constructed and with Google Earth spying on us all (except for Vice President Dick Cheney’s residence, notably) at all times, there are plenty of fun things to check out at Map of Strange.…

Cool Tokio Hotel Music Videos

Tokio Hotel is a hugely popular emo rock band from Germany. They released their first English album last summer, and are hoping to catch on in the U.K. and America. A lot of the attention given to Tokio Hotel revolves people’s initial question of whether the lead singer is a boy or a girl. To answer, the band is fronted by Bill Kaulitz, a boy. Here are a few of Tokio Hotel’s best music videos for Tokio Hotel newcomers to check out on YouTube:

Watch it

The video for the song Monsoon is pretty cool. It features the band jumping out of helicopter, driving in a car through a storm, and performing as a band in the rain. It has a forboding feel to it without being over the top. The german version of this song is Durch den Monsun.

Durch den Monsun

people in street holding umbrellas during daytime
See it

This is the german version of Monsoon. Durch den Monsun is an entirely different video than that for Monsoon. It features a younger Tokio Hotel. I actually think I prefer this one to the other. But both are pretty cool.

Watch it

One of the most popular Tokio Hotel songs. The video is done in black and white, and has the band performing in a young party atmosphere. It is one of the band’s more hyper efforts.


This is the german version of Scream.

Don’t Jump

The band peforms among urban movie-like scenes centered around an apparent suicidal jumper. Nicely produced video and haunting song. The video is cool, but it annoys me a little that the singing doesn’t really match up.

Spring Nicht

German version of Don’t Jump.

Rescue Me

Bill defies physics in this somewhat dark, but cool music video. Awesome song.

Rette Mich

The german version of Rescue Me. Same video as Rescue Me, just different language.

Ready, Set, Go

Cool intro. Then, the band Tokio Hotel performs among a colorless sea of people.

Ubers Ende der Welt

Tokio Hotel’s original German video for Ready, Set, Go.

Der letzte Tag

This music video features the German band performing on top of a building, in front of a crowd of screaming fans.…

Top 10 Websites that Will Add Character to Your Wardrobe


I’ve ordered from this site several times and I love the products. Most things are reasonably priced and I am always satisfied with my purchases. They also have some stores in bigger cities, but some items are only available online.

They have more than just clothes and accessories. They also sell apartment furniture, books, and other fun trinkets. It’s a great place to order inexpensive gifts for friends.

I also read the OU blog and download the playlist every month.


This online vintage shop is not only adorable, it also has some of the most unique finds on the web. It is a lot like Urban Outfitters, but some of the items are one of a kind. It is also has a lot more retro glamor style , which I personally adore.

Again, most pieces are reasonably priced and the site literally has a look for every occasion.

white and orange dog wall decor


Etsy is a great online source for online fashion. They specialize in vintage and hand-made crafts. They have a lot of stuff, much more than just clothes. But I have found some great designers on the site with shockingly low prices. It’s a great place to buy and sell vintage jewelry, or garments.

I have also found a ton of eco-friendly shops on this site. Every seller has a “shop” and they all set their own prices, so some things are pretty expensive, but if you look around for a while you will find some good deals on beauty natural products and home-sewn clothes.


This is a slightly more expensive site, but it offers more high-end brands. I really like the accessory selection, personally. It is always a good idea to check what is on sale.

Right now there is a sale on Rebecca Minkoff hand bags and I am using all of my self-control not to order one!


Mango has the biggest selection online. Honestly, if you need a black skirt or a basic top you can find exactly what you need here at a decent price. If you want something flashy, or more professional you find both in the same place.

Everything is pretty classy. A lot of websites show really great pictures and send you cheaply made garments, but Mango has never let me down. Most pieces look more European and I really like that myself.


This is by far the most high-end and luxury online site I have on the list. It’s really where I look to see what is new, though I don’t usually shop as online stores that are out of my price range. If I want to blow my rent money, I like to at least try on the clothes first.

But if style is more important than dollar bills, I suggest checking out this super chic shopping website.


I love the designers on this site! Though it is still a bit out of my shopping price range, I would encourage anyone to take a peek at …

Soup Recipe – Moroccan-Inspired Chicken Soup: Saffron, Spices, and Couscous Make a Rich, Hearty Soup Exotic

This soup, though it requires a lot of steps, is fairly easy to make. If you are unfamiliar with the Moroccan staples used in the soup, just substitute with the mentioned ingredients. If you do not access to ras el hanout, which is a Moroccan spice blend that literally translates to “head of the shop” and refers to the best spice blend a merchant has to offer, substitute with a pinch each of the following ground spices and blend together into the flour to season the chicken: ground cumin, ground ginger, ground coriander, ground cardamom, ground turmeric, ground nutmeg, ground clove, and ground black pepper.

The flavor will be less complex than a full ras el hanout blend, but the spices will enhance the flavor of the chicken and the broth. You can also rub a small amount of harissa paste, which is a spicy chili paste, onto the chicken instead, if it is available. Moroccan cooking relies a lot on spices and preserved citrus to add a distinctive flavor to its dishes. Adjust the spice level to suit your personal tastes.

two sauces topped with seeds

Ingredients for Moroccan Chicken Soup

  • 2 tablespoons olive oil
  • 1 tablespoon of smen (Moroccan clarified butter) or butter
  • 1 onion, finely chopped
  • 2 boneless and skinless chicken breasts, quartered
  • 1/4 cup flour, to dust the breasts
  • 1/2 teaspoon ras el hanout (or optional spice blend) to season chicken
  • 2 medium carrots, peeled and cut into 1 inch pieces
  • 1 parsnip, cut into 1 inch pieces
  • 6 cups chicken stock
  • 1 4-inch cinnamon stick
  • 1/2 teaspoon paprika
  • a generous pinch of saffron
  • a few small pieces of preserved lemon rind, optional
  • 2 egg yolks
  • 1 tablespoon preserved lemon juice (or regular lemon juice if no preserved lemon)
  • 2 tablespoons chopped flat leaf parsley
  • 2 tablespoons chopped mint
  • 5 ounces couscous
  • salt and pepper to taste

Directions for Moroccan Chicken Soup

  1. Heat the oil and smen (or butter) in a large dutch oven or stock pot over medium heat.
  2. Fry the onion for 3 or 4 minutes until softened.
  3. Mix flour, ras el hanout, and salt and pepper together on a plate and dust the chicken pieces.
  4. Fry the chicken until browned, careful not to tear the flesh.
  5. Remove the chicken from the pot and reserve. Add the carrots and the parsnip to the pot and reduce the heat to medium low.
  6. Cook the vegetables for a few minutes, stirring often.
  7. Return the chicken to the pan, add the stock, cinnamon stick, paprika, and preserved lemon. Season with salt and pepper (and additional ras el hanout if desired).
  8. Bring the soup to a boil, cover, and let simmer for about an hour. The vegetables should be very tender.
  9. To prepare the saffron, add it to two tablespoons of boiling water and mix.
  10. In a separate bowl, whisk the egg yolks with the lemon juice and add parsley and mint.
  11. When the saffron is cooled, stir it into the egg mixture.
  12. After the soup has simmered, remove the chicken breasts from

Foods Typically Only Eaten in the Caribbean

Caribbean food is known for being especially interesting and diverse. While much of the food you might find in the Caribbean is similar to what you would find in the US or in other parts of the western world, there still are quite a few unique dishes that you are likely to see in the Caribbean.

high-angle photography of white boat on blue ocean water near green leafed trees during daytime

Take for example the Santa Fe pepper soup. Santa Fe pepper soup is a soup that was originally made in Columbia. This soup is made using chicken on the bone, cobs of corn, potatoes, and other vegetables such as sabaneras, which are natively grown in the Caribbean islands. This soup can often be found in different versions such as a Cuban stew version.

Another good example of a food typically only eaten in the Caribbean is callaloo. Callaloo is a soup from Trinidad. This soup is often made with okra, as well as taro and amaranth. Callaloo might contain meat as well and is often seasoned with things like onions, coconut milk, garlic and chili peppers. Callaloo is often eaten alongside salt fish.

One of the most that has made its way out of the Caribbean to many locations in the world, such as the United States, is Caribbean jerk. Jerk is a way of preparing meat with spices such that it becomes rather spicy and hot. Jerk uses allspice and it also uses scotch bonnet peppers. You can often find foods with a Jamaican or Caribbean jerk sauce even in the United States.

Another popular food typically only eaten in the Caribbean is peardrax. This is a soft drink that at one time was popular in the United Kingdom. Today, this pear flavored soft drink is made by the Pepsi cola company in Trinidad and is very closely identified with that nation.

Picadillo is a food often eaten in the Caribbean, but you may also find it in Latin America. Picadillo consists of tomatoes mixed with ground beef. Picadillo usually has other regional items including things like potatoes or olives. Picadillo is often served as a finger food.

If you are looking for a new culinary adventure, why not give some of these foods typically only eaten in the Caribbean a try today. You might just find that you have a new favorite delicacy.… Unlimited Music for $15 a Month

Are you tired of searching for free music on the Internet? Are you tired of waiting forever for songs to download, only to find out that it is not the rendition you are looking for, or that you don’t like the song after all? Do you feel like it’s not worthwhile to pay a buck for a song that you’ll get tired of in a few months, or even weeks?

If you answered yes to any of the above questions, you should look toward Real Network’s Rhapsody-To-Go service to solve your online music quandary. At $15 a month, you can have unlimited music at your finger tips for online streaming, or download to your mp3 player that you can take with you to the gym, in the car, or be plugged in to a speaker at a friend’s party.

person holding black and white quote board

I found to be extremely pleasant and intuitive to use. It’s great for discovering music and artists you are not familiar with, and the unfamiliar works by the familiar artists alike. Each artist page not only has the complete list of artist’s albums and singles, but also offers information and links to the artist’s contemporaries and influences. For example, by checking out The Cranberries’ artist page on, you’ll also discover The Sundays and Sinead O’Connor. There is also quite an international and Latin music selection, and covers most genres from Pop and Acid Jazz to Classical and New Age.

I find that on most days, their online streaming functionality is enough for me because I listen to music most of the time while sitting at my office desk. If this is also the case for you, then I would recommend getting the $10 monthly subscription which covers unlimited access to the website and the online streaming functionality. But if you are a commuter like my husband, and spends much time in traffic where good music is necessary to keep you sane, then I would recommend investing in the reasonably priced Sansa Rhapsody Mp3 player, so you can take your music with you anywhere. It’s not by any of stretch of imagination that you can have hundreds of new songs on your Rhapsody player everyday.

I have been a subscriber to this service for over a year now, and I have to say that it has been the best $15 a month I’ve ever paid for (better than Netflix). Try it and judge for yourself.

Happy listening.…

Five of the Best Websites for Cat-Related Entertainment

The Internet is made of cats! Cat-related humor can be found all over the Web and with good reason: cats rule! Sure, they have the occasional bout of toxoplasmosis and sometimes an angry mother cat may attack people like Bailey Black, but if the Internet has proven anything, it’s shown just how talented, funny and full of teh cutes kittehs really are. Do you want in on some of this purr-fect action? Of course you do. For all you cat fans out there, here are five websites for fantastic felines.

brown tabby cat

  1. This site hosts a load of lolcat photos. There are a few dogs thrown in the mix here and there (unfortunately), but for the most part, it’s good cat fun. Users can upload their own photos, build their own lols, vote on lol submissions that may be featured on the front page, or just scroll through and enjoy the pictures and captions.
  2. This is the toughest contest on the Internet! You are given two pictures of kittens, and you must click on the photo that you feel is the cutest. Plenty of tough choices in this one, I assure you. Still, aside from having to judge their cutes, you also get to enjoy them. And who doesn’t like pictures of adorable cats? It’s a great boredom killer.
  3. What do you get when you have a cat and then you put stuff on it? What kind of stuff, you ask? Maybe flowers, hats, toys, pillows, ribbons; you know, STUFF! Back to the question. What do you get? You get a website dedicated to cats with random items on them. Nothing harmful now! Just see for yourself. Their kitty expressions are great!
  4. When you first load the site, you are given a random cat video. If you find that cat boring or the video ends, click “next” to be given a new video. You know, a parody of another “roulette” site on which you video chat with random strangers until you click “next”. This is better than any chat roulette, though.You won’t have to deal with random rejections or nudity. The cats don’t click next and are always covered by fur coats! Well, except for this guy.
  5. You can’t have a list of funny cat websites without the classic ICanHasCheezeburger lolcat site. Like MeowCheese, you can upload, create and vote on lolcat pictures, but you can also connect with ICHC on Facebook and Twitter. Plus, they have a store in which you can purchase all the necessary lolcat merchandise and a bunch of other non-cat photo caption sites. Good stuff!

I hope everyone finds these picks as cat-tastic as I do. If cats ever do take over the world, they’ll be pleased I told you about this and spare me.

What!? You find that ridiculous? Shows what you know. Cats are already experimenting with our technology in an attempt to master and use it against us.…

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