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Foods Typically Only Eaten in the Caribbean

Caribbean food is known for being especially interesting and diverse. While much of the food you might find in the Caribbean is similar to what you would find in the US or in other parts of the western world, there still are quite a few unique dishes that you are likely to see in the Caribbean.

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Take for example the Santa Fe pepper soup. Santa Fe pepper soup is a soup that was originally made in Columbia. This soup is made using chicken on the bone, cobs of corn, potatoes, and other vegetables such as sabaneras, which are natively grown in the Caribbean islands. This soup can often be found in different versions such as a Cuban stew version.

Another good example of a food typically only eaten in the Caribbean is callaloo. Callaloo is a soup from Trinidad. This soup is often made with okra, as well as taro and amaranth. Callaloo might contain meat as well and is often seasoned with things like onions, coconut milk, garlic and chili peppers. Callaloo is often eaten alongside salt fish.

One of the most that has made its way out of the Caribbean to many locations in the world, such as the United States, is Caribbean jerk. Jerk is a way of preparing meat with spices such that it becomes rather spicy and hot. Jerk uses allspice and it also uses scotch bonnet peppers. You can often find foods with a Jamaican or Caribbean jerk sauce even in the United States.

Another popular food typically only eaten in the Caribbean is peardrax. This is a soft drink that at one time was popular in the United Kingdom. Today, this pear flavored soft drink is made by the Pepsi cola company in Trinidad and is very closely identified with that nation.

Picadillo is a food often eaten in the Caribbean, but you may also find it in Latin America. Picadillo consists of tomatoes mixed with ground beef. Picadillo usually has other regional items including things like potatoes or olives. Picadillo is often served as a finger food.

If you are looking for a new culinary adventure, why not give some of these foods typically only eaten in the Caribbean a try today. You might just find that you have a new favorite delicacy.…

Food Fit for a King Even Though You Are Camping!

Eating outside does not mean ‘hot dogs and beans’ or ‘hamburgers and chips’ anymore. Now is the time to bring the inside yummies outside.

Let’s look at a few possibilities of what you can cook while you and that special someone have set up camp away from any sight of civilization. That’s when the hunger sets in. Now it’s time to get creative and make some chow!

orange camping tent near green trees

Grab a big pot, fill it with water and put it on the grate over the fire. Once it starts boiling, add a little salt and toss in some pasta. Chop up some fresh veggies and plop them into the pasta about 5 minutes before the pasta is ready to be removed from the fire. When finished, drain the contents while holding the lid slightly ajar to allow the water to empty. Place the pasta and veggies into a bowl and toss in some evoo (extra virgin olive oil), maybe a touch of garlic powder and butter. A tasty side dish to compliment that chicken!

Another quick idea is breakfast! Get the pot of water boiling, then break out the ziplock baggies. Time to satisfy the hungriest with this easy campfire omlette! Let everyone make their own. Place any ingredients you want in the baggie, such as; mushrooms, onions, green pepper, cheese, then add a pat of butter. Break a couple eggs into the baggie. Secure it shut. Then shake the baggie’s contents until the eggs are mixed in. Drop the baggie into the boiling water and let it cook for about 3-5 minutes, tossing the bag from one side to the other to ensure cooking. You can be the judge of what degree you like your eggs cooked. And, presto, a yummy omeltte straight from the campfire!

Don’t let the outdoors make you think that eating outdoors is boring. You can cook just about anything you want outside. All you need to do is prepare your menu before you go so you bring all the necessities that will be needed to prepare your meals. Oh, don’t forget the main ingredient, Love!

Who said camping means you have to settle for boring food?…

Why Food Network is the Top TV Channel of All-Time

One of the first things I discovered when I got Dish Network, almost 10 years ago, was Food Network. I was immediately in love with this channel even though I was only 14 years old. For those of you who don’t know me, I started learning how to cook when I was really young. I watched my great grandmother make fried chicken and homemade biscuits every Sunday. I baked cookies with my Granny. I watched my great aunt make all kinds of different dishes, including her wonderful salmon patties. Last but certainly not least, I cooked hundreds of dishes with my mother. I’ve had a life filled with cooking and eating. To put it simply, I’m a foodie. So when I found Food Network, I was in love. But what makes Food Network so great? What makes Food Network the top TV channel of all time?

10 Reasons Why Food Network Is the of All Time #1: Recipes

Food Network has so many great recipes. You will find everything from Italian recipes to Southern recipes and these recipes are actually written by people who are Southern and Italian. There are recipes to please every taste.

variety of sliced fruits

10 Reasons Why Food Network Is the Top TV Channel of All Time #2: Chefs

Food Network wouldn’t be anything without the chefs. There are chefs who are funny, educational, and just down to earth. You will be able to find chefs that cook the recipes you are interested in. You’ll even find chefs that attractive on Food Network.

10 Reasons Why Food Network Is the Top TV Channel of All Time #3: Entertainment

Food Network is a very entertaining TV channel. There are competitions, educational shows, and so much more. If you don’t like to cook, don’t worry, there will still be a show that you will find entertaining.

10 Reasons Why Food Network Is the Top TV Channel of All Time #4: Variety

Food Network offers so much for one TV channel. For example there are shows that focus on the background of companies and how foods are made. There are also shows that focus on eating foods around the country. Some shows on this TV channel don’t even focus on cooking, just eating.

10 Reasons Why Food Network Is the Top TV Channel of All Time #5: Something for Everyone

This channel has something for everyone. Men who don’t really like to cook still enjoy Food Network because there are interesting shows and entertaining chefs. For example, most guys love Iron Chef and Good Eats.

10 Reasons Why Food Network Is the Top TV Channel of All Time #6: Educational

Of course, I couldn’t talk about this TV channel without mentioned the fact that it’s educational. Not only will you learn new recipes, but there are shows that also tell you how your favorite foods are made. Also Food Network has some shows that focus on basic cooking techniques.

10 Reasons Why Food Network Is the Top TV Channel of All

IBM & Fujifim Advance Magnetic Tape Technology

IBM and Fujifilm have been working toward creating a linear magnetic tape storage device for about five years now. The company believes that this type of storage will be the best way to store information in the near future. Many critics panned the idea because the storage space presented five years ago was considered lousy due to being presented on a 8TB magnetic tape cartridge. As technology advances so did IBM and Fujifilm’s linear magnetic tape storage device. The following is an overview of the 35TB magnetic tape cartridge that the company just unveiled.

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These two companies believe that magnetic tape still has a lot of potential during a time in which most of the industry has moved on because of their thinking be the exact opposite. The simple fact that both of the companies have been working on the technology for so long shows they still believe it has a lot of potential. Magnetic tape cartridges could eventually be impl…

Use Feathers for Food Picks


Food picks aren’t usually intricate things. Normally, there is something like a flower, a miniature playing card, a plastic animal, or another trinket on the end of each one. Thousands of different food picks can be purchased, and hundreds of them made by yourself, and none of it is complicated. No matter what the occasion, you can make or buy food picks that are suitable, and made or purchased, the picks are cheap. Because of that, it’s not challenging at all to have appetizer picks for each special occasion, and picks that will fit right in with the theme of the party. Great for stabbing cubes of cheese, grapes, strawberries, and many other small foods, the picks are almost a must at a party. What else will guests do, pick the foods up with their fingers? So, let’s talk about food picks for a boy’s Cowboy and Indian party or picks for a celebration. Feathers are a great choice and you don’t even have to do anything to them. The quills make the perfect picks and the feathered area offers a colorful accent for nearly any appetizer.

cooked dish on gray bowl

Wispy feathers aren’t the type that you need for making food picks. First of all, their quills are not long and stiff. Secondly, although beautiful, the wispy feather pieces tend to hang down, and no one wants feathers directly on the food. The best feather choice is the colorful, stiff type, made for creating an Indian headdress for a child. The feathers, available in blue, red, green, yellow, and other colors, are found at craft stores – online or in your community.

The feathers that you’ll use for food picks don’t need anything done to them except to be cleaned. Simply wipe each quill with a wet cloth, dry, and push the quill into the food. You can have the appetizers ready in minutes when you use the headdress feathers.

If you want the feathers to be more impressive, take the craft a little further. You can write or draw on them with a permanent marker, color the tips of the feathers with a gold or silver marker, use a rubber stamp to create an image, or even glue tiny beads on them. No matter how you decorate the feathers – or if you decorate them – they’ll look great at your next party. Use all the same color of feathers or put orange ones in the cheese, green ones in grapes, red ones in strawberries, and so on.…

Foods We Never Ate Again After Graduating from School

Lunchtime was a favorite for many students. It was a time to put down the books and pick up something we were much better with, the spoon. The school lunches cost only about $2 and they were perfect. Unfortunately it would be a punishment on our stomachs to continue eating these foods into adulthood. Looking back fondly, these are the best foods served by the school cafeteria.

cooked dish on table

Tater Tots/Hash Browns

Instead of French fries my school went with the “healthier” option, greasy tater tots and hash browns. The best ones were not soggy but rather crispy and a little bit burnt. Ketchup frequently soaked them and only added to the poor health of whoever ate them. These two items try to make their way into our mouths any time we visit Dunkin Donuts for a coffee.

Chicken Patties

Few things on earth are greater than a chicken patty sandwich. The heart-stopping and artery clogging sandwich commonly served in schools is a cafeteria Hall of Famer. Eating these outside of a school lunch is rare, but does happen for some of the more daring people. The unauthentic orange coloration was probably the main ingredient that caused multiple stomach aches throughout the school year.

Sloppy Joes

The person that decided to put Sloppy Joes in cafeterias was not thinking very clearly. Sloppy is in the name and children are some of the sloppiest. Tater tots should not be served on the side with Sloppy Joes; a shower should. Teachers always knew it was Sloppy Joe day whenever students would show up to class with red stains on their lips and fingers.

Canned Fruit in a Cup

One of the few options that may not lead to an early death is the canned fruit now placed into a poorly constructed cup. Sometimes it seemed as if there was more water in the cup than actual slices of pear. The only reason to ever eat this was to make the lunch ladies happy that their hard work opening the can did not go to waste.

Chocolate Milk

Milk was the drink of choice for many schools and chocolate was the flavor 99% of the kids went with. The few that went with regular milk were often ridiculed for their less sugary choice. Now that we are adults and know a little more about healthy living those bullied students are more confident in their choice. They got the last laugh, mostly because the rest of us are too busy pricking our diabetes fingers to even remember how to smile.

Cardboard Pizza

A joke as old as the ingredients it was made from, all schools were known for their pizza made from mostly cardboard. These square slices with a rubbery taste were probably never sanctioned by any health organization to actually enter a human body. Still, Fridays were pizza day and we all lined up to get a taste; if only to satisfy our need to feel punished.…

Are Old & Stale Food and Groceries Safe to Eat?

Lately, our family has been stretching the grocery budget by visiting day old bread stores and grocery thrift markets. These after market stores sell foods that are past the “Best By’ or “sell by” dates at incredible discounts, which can save a huge chunk of cash for a family feeling the squeeze of a smaller paycheck.

While some people are grossed out at the very idea of eating “expired” food, most foods are produced with the idea of lasting much longer than the date that’s printed on the box.

What do the dates mean?

All boxed goods and bread products have dates printed somewhere on the package. The dates are usually found on the top or bottom flap of most packaged foods and are either imprinted or stamped in black ink. On loaves of bread or bakery products, the date is either printed on the tie or is somewhere on the bag, near the label.

These dates do not refer to a throw away date, but rather refer to the “Best By” date meaning that they are at their peak freshness and flavor until then. Once the food passes the “Best By” date, food quality slowly diminishes. This doesn’t mean that expired boxed food has suddenly become poisonous or anything, it just means that cereal that is 6 months past the “Best By” date is not quite as crispy or fresh as a some that’s a little less old.

pile of cardboard boxes

How long is expired food safe to eat?

Cereal manufacturers place the actual expiration date of their cereal as roughly 3 months past the “Best By” Date. Cereal that’s older than that tends to be a little dryer and crunchier, though certainly will taste the same.

As far as those boxed mixes, these usually have an additional shelf life that’s one year past the “Best By” date. After that period, food quality starts to decline. Boxed cake, pancake and bread mixes especially have a problem in that the leavening agents will not rise as high. And like the cereal, food items such as Hamburger Helper type products, pasta, rice mixes, and other prefab mixes also become just a little less flavorful. If your food item is one year past the “best by” date, then it’s time to toss it.

Fresh bread is a little more unpredictable. I’ve had certain types of bread turn stale 24 hours after the “pull by” date with others last almost 2 weeks after the expiration date. A visual inspection of the product is the key here. If it’s moldy, throw it out! If it’s not, then its probably fine.

What dangers are there in expired boxed food?

Aside from being just a little bit stale, the biggest issue in eating boxed food mixes that are past the “Best By” date is the potential of infestation by pests.

Weevil eggs are naturally occurring in all flour products, and after a period of dormancy will hatch and spread to other foods on a grocery shelf. Once weevils have …

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