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Cool Tokio Hotel Music Videos

Tokio Hotel is a hugely popular emo rock band from Germany. They released their first English album last summer, and are hoping to catch on in the U.K. and America. A lot of the attention given to Tokio Hotel revolves people’s initial question of whether the lead singer is a boy or a girl. To answer, the band is fronted by Bill Kaulitz, a boy. Here are a few of Tokio Hotel’s best music videos for Tokio Hotel newcomers to check out on YouTube:

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The video for the song Monsoon is pretty cool. It features the band jumping out of helicopter, driving in a car through a storm, and performing as a band in the rain. It has a forboding feel to it without being over the top. The german version of this song is Durch den Monsun.

Durch den Monsun

people in street holding umbrellas during daytime
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This is the german version of Monsoon. Durch den Monsun is an entirely different video than that for Monsoon. It features a younger Tokio Hotel. I actually think I prefer this one to the other. But both are pretty cool.

Watch it

One of the most popular Tokio Hotel songs. The video is done in black and white, and has the band performing in a young party atmosphere. It is one of the band’s more hyper efforts.


This is the german version of Scream.

Don’t Jump

The band peforms among urban movie-like scenes centered around an apparent suicidal jumper. Nicely produced video and haunting song. The video is cool, but it annoys me a little that the singing doesn’t really match up.

Spring Nicht

German version of Don’t Jump.

Rescue Me

Bill defies physics in this somewhat dark, but cool music video. Awesome song.

Rette Mich

The german version of Rescue Me. Same video as Rescue Me, just different language.

Ready, Set, Go

Cool intro. Then, the band Tokio Hotel performs among a colorless sea of people.

Ubers Ende der Welt

Tokio Hotel’s original German video for Ready, Set, Go.

Der letzte Tag

This music video features the German band performing on top of a building, in front of a crowd of screaming fans.… Unlimited Music for $15 a Month

Are you tired of searching for free music on the Internet? Are you tired of waiting forever for songs to download, only to find out that it is not the rendition you are looking for, or that you don’t like the song after all? Do you feel like it’s not worthwhile to pay a buck for a song that you’ll get tired of in a few months, or even weeks?

If you answered yes to any of the above questions, you should look toward Real Network’s Rhapsody-To-Go service to solve your online music quandary. At $15 a month, you can have unlimited music at your finger tips for online streaming, or download to your mp3 player that you can take with you to the gym, in the car, or be plugged in to a speaker at a friend’s party.

person holding black and white quote board

I found to be extremely pleasant and intuitive to use. It’s great for discovering music and artists you are not familiar with, and the unfamiliar works by the familiar artists alike. Each artist page not only has the complete list of artist’s albums and singles, but also offers information and links to the artist’s contemporaries and influences. For example, by checking out The Cranberries’ artist page on, you’ll also discover The Sundays and Sinead O’Connor. There is also quite an international and Latin music selection, and covers most genres from Pop and Acid Jazz to Classical and New Age.

I find that on most days, their online streaming functionality is enough for me because I listen to music most of the time while sitting at my office desk. If this is also the case for you, then I would recommend getting the $10 monthly subscription which covers unlimited access to the website and the online streaming functionality. But if you are a commuter like my husband, and spends much time in traffic where good music is necessary to keep you sane, then I would recommend investing in the reasonably priced Sansa Rhapsody Mp3 player, so you can take your music with you anywhere. It’s not by any of stretch of imagination that you can have hundreds of new songs on your Rhapsody player everyday.

I have been a subscriber to this service for over a year now, and I have to say that it has been the best $15 a month I’ve ever paid for (better than Netflix). Try it and judge for yourself.

Happy listening.…

How to Find Free Sheet Music Online

If you’re a music nut like I am, you probably spend a rather large amount of time looking for sheet music. However, as most people know, it can be quite difficult to find good free sheet music online. That is why I have carefully constructed this guide, complete with a multitude of helpful tips and incredibly useful links.

Tip #1: Please be aware that a number of free sheet music that can be found online is not arranged by the original person. It is possible that the sheet music you are obtaining for free could not be entirely true to the original song. Be sure that you trust the source you’re getting your sheet music from. (Although, no matter how reputable the website is supposed to be, arrangement mistakes do happen.)

Tip #2: You should attempt to look at musical education websites first, such as These websites usually have a few free music sheets to print out. Normally the sheet music these websites provide are for well-known songs.

Tip #3: It is always better in the long run to purchase the sheet music. This ensures a 100% guarantee of correctness. I don’t know about you, but I wouldn’t want to find out that I’ve been playing the wrong sheet music of a song for two years.

woman standing watching LED light musical instrument

Here are a few links to websites that offer free piano sheet music (please note that these can work with the harp too):

Pianolicious – This contains hundreds of music sheets for popular songs such as Bella’s Lullaby, Bring Me To Life, etc.

Jeanies’ Home Studio – This contains some easy and fun sheet music, including the Harry Potter theme song.

Solo Sheets – I highly recommend this well organized website. It contains a good amount of relaxing New Age sheet music.

If you happen to play other instruments, here are generic free sheet music websites for you to peruse:

Making Music Fun – Contains sheet music for the piano, strings, woodwinds, and brass.

Celtic Sheet Music – This website is one of my personal favorites. It contains over 3,000 old Celtic tunes.

Download Sheet Music Online – Contains a fair amount of popular sheet music.

These websites contain a plethora of wonderful sheet music, both modern and classic. Hopefully these will aid you in your everlasting search for sheet music.…

Amazing DJ Music for Your New England Wedding

What do people remember at a wedding? They remember whether the food was good or bad but may not even remember what they specifically ate. They remember how the bride looked and they remember the entertainment. Ultimately, the end goal is to get your guests to have a great time and that usually means dancing.

Amazing DJ Music is the premier DJ service in the New England area. Kevin Ouellette, is the owner and DJ of Amazing DJ Music. Upon meeting Kevin, you are instantly attracted to his warm and humorous personality. But do not be fooled, Kevin may be lighthearted but he has respect and reservation when necessary and that applies to your wedding.

man using DJ audio mixer at night

So, what can you expect from Amazing DJ Music? You can expect Kevin to personally DJ your wedding. He can also act as the Master of Ceremonies which is so important because you need to have someone that is well versed in weddings and can keep things running smoothly on your wedding day. You can expect that Kevin will treat you and your guests with the utmost respect, but you can also expect that Amazing DJ Music will get your wedding guests up and moving on that dance floor!

Amazing DJ Music is committed to working with you to create the right ambiance for your wedding day. This may mean choosing specific songs you want played during different parts of the wedding reception. For instance, some couples want some jazz during their cocktail hour or some Motown during their dinner. Whatever you want, Amazing DJ Music can provide.

In addition to helping you choose your music, Amazing DJ Music will work with a “must play” and “do not play” list. These lists help Kevin to determine what you like and what you do not like. You should have the music you want at your wedding reception and Amazing DJ Music is committed to keeping the music just the way you want it.

So there you have it. You have a personable DJ who can act as Master of Ceremonies and get your guests up on the dance floor. You have a DJ company that cares about your music selections and wants to make sure you are happy. It seems that there is no other choice but Amazing DJ Music for your New England wedding.…

The Musical History of Jimi Hendrix

woman sitting on stool

A man born at 10:15 a.m. on November 27, 1942 is known as “one of the most creative and influential musicians of the 20th century.” At the time of his birth he was named Johnny Allen Hendrix, but his father later named him James Marshall Hendrix. Between this renaming and his death this man would be called by many names. At the time of his death on September 18, 1970, he was known worldwide as Jimi Hendrix. Jimi Hendrix was a famous guitar player who made a name for himself by introducing a new style of music.

Jimi loved music from an early age. When his father realized this he gave him an old one string ukulele to encourage his talent. When Jimi was about 16 his father bought him a used five dollar acoustic guitar. About a year later Jimi’s father purchased him an electric guitar. During these times Jimi was in two bands, The Velvetones when he got his acoustic and The Rocking Kings once he got his electric.

In 1961 Jimi entered the US army. When he was discharged from the army he formed a band called The King Casuals.

Around mid 1960s Jimi formed a band called Jimmy James (his stage name at the time) and the Blue Flames. In 1966 Chas Chandler offered a contract to Jimi. When Jimi signed the contract he formed a new band and moved to London with Chas as his manager. This band was consisted of Mitch Mitchell on the drums, Noel Redding was the bassist and, of course, Jimi on the guitar. They called their band experience. Experience’s first single was “Hey Joe” and was number six on the UK charts for ten weeks.

In 1967 Jimi went back to America and became instantly popular. He spent the next few years making albums and creating his own Recording studio, Electric Lady Studios, in New York City.

In 1969 Jimi played at Woodstock with an electric band Called Gypsy Sun & Rainbows. The best part of this performance was supposedly a “renegade” performance of the “Star Spangled Banner.”

Sadly in September of 1970 Jimi died of overdose of drugs at the young age of 27. Whether this incident was meant an accident or suicide is a secret he took to his grave. At the time of his death his father bought a family plot. His tombstone said ‘Forever in our hearts – James M. “Jimi” Hendrix – 1942-1970’


Music Festivals: The Scream

I love to attend concerts in many genres. Music festivals are another story. The minute I hear that a favorite artist is coming to one, I daydream about everything that could go wrong. Chris Tomlin will perform at Chattanooga’s Riverbend Festival this year? Fantastic! Wait a minute…

Entrance fees may be last on some music fans’ lists because they’ll pay anything to hear a favorite artist live. But fees are first on mine! Most concerts I attend are free, but some music festivals charge hefty prices that I can’t afford. If I see an entrance fee, anything higher than $10, I turn away. I hurriedly check the Riverbend website. They want $25 at the gate? There goes my workweek lunch!

photo of woman riding on carousel

Cars and people everywhere! I waste fifteen minutes seeking a parking spot. When I finally cram into one, I’m so paranoid about my car that I check all the doors after locking it. Occasionally I forget. Then I would have to walk back, losing time to find a seat. Otherwise I won’t enjoy the concert, wondering all evening if someone stole my car. Guess who isn’t responsible?

No bleachers or fold-up chairs? I don’t own a lawn chair so I have two choices: physical exhaustion from standing for two hours or dirty slacks from sitting on grass or pavement. I think I’ll try standing. The artist is usually a speck in the distance anyway. Up-front seating costs another $20. And the people near me had better not try to rifle my purse! What is that splattered mess on the grass: a dropped hot dog or did someone lose their lunch?

I impatiently wait for some mediocre artists to sing their drivel, then leave the stage. Finally, the fan-crazed crowd screams as the main artist introduces himself, then starts blaring a favorite song through loudspeakers. Meanwhile, the 80-degree heat sizzles as mosquitoes buzz near my ear and nip my bare arms. Where is that forecasted breeze? I think all the wailing babies gobbled it up.

I wake up from my nightmare while sitting at my laptop. Then I check the date and start making dinner. Chris Tomlin will perform at Riverbend next week. Do I envy the people who plan to attend? No. I wish they would envy me: eating pasta in pajamas in my air-conditioned kitchen while listening to Tomlin’s “Amazing Grace” on the radio. Life is good!…

Grand Rapids Music Scene

The state of Michigan has a vast history with musicians such as Kid Rock, Eminem, Alice Cooper, Ted Nugent, and Madonna growing up here. Grand Rapids, the second largest city in the state, is home to many bars, clubs, and venues.

The largest of these venues is the Van Andel Arena, located at 130 Fulton Street West. The Van Andel Arena has hosted some of the largest concerts ever brought to West Michigan, such as Metallica and the Trans-Siberian Orchestra. As you enter the venue, you’ll notice how massive the interior is. The surrounding corridor is where you will find merchandise, snacks, and drinks. Due to its massive size, the Van Andel Arena hosts sporting events such as football and hockey also. If you are looking for a more underground experience, The Intersection is within walking distance of the Van Andel.

several guitars beside of side table

Located at 133 Grandville Avenue Southwest, The Intersection is home to metal, rap, and local shows. Split into two halves, this venue attracts a variety of customers. In the front is a bar, complete with lounging and an array of alcohol. In the back of the venue is the stage and another bar. Seating is usually available but for sold out shows, you may be standing. The main floor is large enough for mosh pits and dancing and the venue layout allows for easy movement to leave and return. During intermissions, you can meet bands and performers at the merchandise table, which you will see immediately as you walk into the concert area.

If downtown city venues are not your thing, check out The Orbit Room located at 2525 Lake Eastbrook SE. With its own unique layout, The Orbit Room has an upstairs balcony and a large main floor so you can enjoy your concert from any perspective. I would only recommend this venue if you are of legal drinking age. The Orbit Room is not my favorite venue due to its location but is home to many good shows which makes the visit worthwhile.

Parking for The Intersection and Van Andel Arena will not be hard to find. Many meters become free after the evening rush, but if you can not find a parking spot, there are many pay-to-park lots located within walking distance of the venues. Parking can cost anywhere from five to ten dollars. Service is also most excellent at these two venues.…

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