Obama’s Healthcare Sprint

Have you heard? President Obama is pushing Congress to get a health care reform bill on his desk before the lawmakers take off for their summer break. How long has he been in power? Only six months, right? So why is there such a rush? Obama has already made history by being the first black person to win a major party’s nomination and an even bigger prize – the White House. He also became the first president to pass a huge stimulus package only weeks into his presidency. So why the rush?

I understand the need to reform health care. My family currently has health care coverage, but the premiums are enormous, and increase every year. On top of that, we still pay out of pocket for every visit to the doctor. Also, I am aware of the millions who have no coverage. Many people have gone bankrupt due to some illness and the absence of health care insurance. Even now as I write this article I can think of someone who told me yesterday that she just received a bill from the hospital – she had to go to the ER recently – and she has no help. In fact, she is behind on most her bills, so how will she pay this hospital bill?

Now we know why sleepy creepy Joe Biden supports Obamacare. He slept straight through Obama's roll-out speech.

Posted by on Sunday, March 8, 2020

Yes, the need for reform is great and urgent, but we cannot afford to mess this up. The issues are complex and have long been in the making. Therefore, it will take a careful, steady and diligent approach to fix the health care system. This cannot be treated like the botched stimulus bill that was rushed through Congress in February. And, now there is talk that the massive stimulus package is not bringing the desired results. Wow!

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Has Congress debated the President’s health care reform proposals? There have been discussions, but no open debate over an adequate period of time. What about the cost to reform health care? Are our leaders willing to continue bankrupting this country to pay their way forward? In this case, does President Obama want to give China a little more of America? That’s right. China holds billions in notes from the . We owe them. Do you think they will continue to underwrite our bad ways? What if China were to call us on these loans tomorrow?

Our president needs to slow down. California is bankrupt and America may follow quickly. But maybe our President Obama cannot afford to slow down.


Recently I heard that his poll numbers are falling. There is word too that although most Americans want health care reform, they are concerned about the cost involved and there is fear that our children and grandchildren will be left broke. Could these new developments be driving Obama to push so hard?

Generally, right after an election victory, a president has political capital to spend. If that is not used quickly, it could be lost. President Obama appears to be losing some of his, which may explain this mad rush to get a health care reform bill passed.

So, the bottom line is this – Is the President bent on doing what is right for the country, or is he determined to push his agenda – no matter what?

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