IBM & Fujifim Advance Magnetic Tape Technology

IBM and Fujifilm have been working toward creating a linear magnetic tape storage device for about five years now. The company believes that this type of storage will be the best way to store information in the near future. Many critics panned the idea because the storage space presented five years ago was considered lousy due to being presented on a 8TB magnetic tape cartridge. As technology advances so did IBM and Fujifilm’s linear magnetic tape storage device. The following is an overview of the 35TB magnetic tape cartridge that the company just unveiled.

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These two companies believe that magnetic tape still has a lot of potential during a time in which most of the industry has moved on because of their thinking be the exact opposite. The simple fact that both of the companies have been working on the technology for so long shows they still believe it has a lot of potential. Magnetic tape cartridges could eventually be impl

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