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We Are Standard is more than a simple life hacks blog; it is a project of passionate writers from many niches and domains. These writers make good money from their passion by selling their articles to major online newspapers and magazines, but they also write for you for free in the pages of this beautiful blog.

We Are Standard is the name under which they initiated this project, but it is more than standards things that you will find in the pages of this blog.

Hey, let’s make a blog for all these things…

Matt Drummonds and Benjamin Alfie wrote for significant newspapers online, such as Newsweek and New York Standard. One night, they were talking about their careers and thousands of articles that they wrote during the past 20 years. Not all of them got to the pages of the publishers, as some editors don’t appreciate the real nuggets of the internet that could become viral. ‘I remember when I wanted to write about the strange things that you can find on Google maps, and my publisher said it is a subject that no one wanted to read about. He was wrong. As soon as I published the piece on We Are Standard, it got thousands of visitors daily.’

However, We Are Standard was the idea of Ben, who once said, ‘Hey, let’s make a blog for all these things that our publishers never wanted to publish. And let’s not make it standard.’

Although Matt and Ben are not , they were able to find a reliable company, to buy a domain in minutes and also to install a secure CMS to make a sleek and intuitive website for their readers.

As they were known authors in their niches, and they knew they were able to drive traffic to their websites since the first days, they went for a Virtual Private Server . This package only costs a few tens of dollars a month, but it offers all the facilities required by a robust beginner’s blog.

Soon, more bloggers and friends of theirs joined the project, so We Are Standard is now a complete collection of articles from various niches and industries. What they have in common? The passion for writing and the desire of several experienced bloggers to have space where they can publish free, without worrying about the censorship of an editor.

Matt and Ben are really proud of their blog, as it is maintained with minimum expenses and brings them thousands of visitors that they could not get on their mainstream websites. They admit they were lucky to find a web hosting company with some reasonable prices and excellent customer support. They said customer support is critical, as in the lack of a web developer, they have to sort all the problems of the website by themselves.

We are standard is only one of the success stories of people writing online for good money. If you are passionate about your trade and a little talent in writing, you can start building your own blog as well. It begins with an excellent hosting company and with a hosting package designed for your beginner’s needs.

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