Five New Technology Gadgets for Weight Loss

Spring is almost here and with spring comes the task of losing a few of those winter pounds you put on. There are many different ways to lose weight and some of those take advantage of new technology. If you are looking to lose weight, then you might want to think of some of these new weight loss gadgets.

BodyBugg is a new gadget that is designed to help you while taking advantage of new technology. The Bodybugg is a small device you wear on your arm that can help you track calories burned and calories consumed. This gadget will help you learn to control portion sizes of the foods you like so you can continue to lose weight. The device uses a digital display to allow you to see how many steps you have taken, how many calories you have burned and is customizable. This device is a web-based program that will input your daily data and help you manage your weight loss goals. This device tracks all the calories you consume and burn every second of every day and it can be viewed either on the wristband or on the web-based software. You are also given instant access to support and coaching through the device without actually talking to anyone. You can also get one-on-one support from a real coach using your phone which is included in the program. This weight loss management device will cost you $80 per year and it runs on a rechargeable battery. The Bodybugg is a great pedometer as well as support coach and is customized to your personal weight loss goals for easier weight loss. You can either buy the Bodybugg on the Internet or in a 24-hour Fitness store near you.

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The Mandometer is also a new device that will help you lose weight in a new and exciting way. This device is like a computer and scale built into one. It is a computer-linked scale that will weigh your plate of food and as you eat it will weigh the remaining amounts of food. The Mandometer has a screen that shows you how fast you are eating your food and what is an ideal rate to be eating your food. The idea behind this device is that it will show you how to eat slower which is supposed to help you lose weight and feel fuller faster. This device will let you know when you are full before the signals are sent to the brain which will help you eat fewer calories. This new device is great because it can teach people about portion control and about how to make smaller amounts of food make you feel fuller. This device also makes you more aware of how much food you are eating because if you are eating too fast then a sound will be let out warning you to slow down. The Mandometer will cost you about 100 dollars at your local health food store or retail store.

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The BC1 Body Composition Analyzer Kit is also another great new weight loss device using technology. This device allows you to monitor your body composition and measure the calories you burn very easily. The device is a desktop device that you hold onto and then it sends an electrical impulse through your body to the device. The device can then determine your body fat, body mass and your body hydration. A body composition is a measure of how much water and other products are in your body and make up your composition. This device is painless and so easy because all you do is hold the device. This device will also help you count calories with the personal calorie counting tracker. This is a very new and neat device but it will cost you about 200 dollars in your local health store or on the Internet. The BC1 Body Composition Analyzer Kit is something that will help you learn what foods and minerals you need to eat more of and it will help you make better food choices.

Another great diet gadget is the PDA-based service from Weight Watchers called Weight Watchers On-The-Go. This PDA-based service is free for people who are attending a weight loss program and pay a monthly fee to the website. This website contains diet information and ways to manage your diet as well as recipes and weight loss support groups. If you are a member of Weight Watchers already then this is more of a supportive-forum and group to help you in your weight loss quest and it will also give you good ideas on grocery shopping. The information all goes to your PDA device and it is accessible from anywhere you are no matter what time of day it is. If you do not subscribe to the online Weight Watchers site then you will have to pay about 22 dollars a month for this PDA-based service.

There is also a sports watch that can help you lose weight and they are very high-tech. These sports watches come from Timex, Garmin and Nike and they are about 300 dollars in any local retail store. These watches have the ability to tell you how many times your heart beats per minute as well as the number of calories you have burned. They also measure how fast you run, jog, bike or swim and are very good for athletes. The data can then be downloaded to your computer where it is analyzed complete with graphs and charts showing you how well you are going. This is a good technology for an athlete wanting to know more about their endurance and caloric activities or for someone who is looking for a new way to track their weight loss efforts. These sports watches are usually waterproof and are very high-quality to endure most athletic activity.

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