Technology and Its Effects

Pull out your phone. I bet it was right next to you , wasn’t it? While this is normal now, there was a time where most households only had one phone, and it was not that long ago. With the explosion in popularity of we have seen good and bad effects in our community. However, I would like to focus on some of the negative it has done/is doing.

  • less social interaction in person and more via technology
  • no skill needed to solve math problems
  • there is less problem solving and more looking up answers

Have you been out with your friends lately? Did you seem to notice everyone’s favorite activity? Staring at the screen. A lot of people spend more time talking to others over text when hanging out then actually talking to each other. Call me crazy, but anything that can allow you to happily spend an entire day on the couch isn’t a good thing. We need to get out of the house, get some fresh air once in a while. After all how do you think the great people in history did the things they did? I guarantee it was not playing playstation all day or spending an evening taking selfies.

people sitting down near table with assorted laptop computers

I believe people should be able to appreciate technology and how far it has come. I also believe that abusing technology is going to lead to lower functioning individuals over time. If you can get instant gratification of a math problem by searching it online or simply using a calculator what is going to motivate kids to learn the theories and algorithms behind it all? When you only search for an answer you focus too much on the answer and not enough on how you got it. Meaning you will always be searching for answers instead of solving problems.

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Posted by on Saturday, March 21, 2020

Do not get me confused. I am not implying that everyone should go out and get rid of their electronics. Technology has come so far, it is truly amazing. The message I am trying to get through is that we need to have some self control when we use technology. Don’t let it run your life, there are too many experiences to be had to just waste life away staring at a screen. This, is how technology has affected me and my generation over the last decade. How has it affected you?

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