Viewing Websites on Your Kindle E-Ink

It is sometimes pretty difficult to view websites on your Kindle E-Ink. The reason being, the Kindle E-Ink will zoom the webpages out and make them really small. That means, you must strain your eyes to see the content on the webpage. However, there are a couple of ways to view websites that makes it a little less harder on the eyes. Continue reading this article to learn how to better view websites on your Kindle E-Ink.

Start by opening your browser and loading a webpage. Any webpage will work. When the webpage loads, you will need to load your settings menu. So press the Settings button on the bottom of your Kindle. When the Settings menu opens, you will have a couple of different options. Let’s take a look at those options.

Change Font Size

One of the things you can do is change the font size of the text on the site. If this is the option that you want to go with, move your cursor to that option in the Settings menu and select it. You will now see a few different options for changing the size of your text. Move the cursor to the option you want to go with. You can also rotate the screen to help you better view webpages. Once you make your selection, press the middle navigation button and the menu will close and you will see the font at a new size.

person reading story in Amazon Kindle tablet

Zoom In

Another option you can use for viewing webpages is the Zoom In option. This option allows you to zoom in to a webpage so you can easily read the content. To use the Zoom In option, you will need to open your Settings menu again. This time, instead of moving your line to the Change Font Size option, move it to the Zoom In option and select it by pressing the middle navigation button. That will close the Settings menu and you will see the site zoom in and get larger.

Either option you use will work just fine. If it is images you are looking at, it’s probably best to go with the Zoom In option. If it is just text, then using the Change Font Size option will work just fine.

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