Five of the Best Websites for Cat-Related Entertainment

The Internet is made of cats! Cat-related humor can be found all over the Web and with good reason: cats rule! Sure, they have the occasional bout of toxoplasmosis and sometimes an angry mother cat may attack people like Bailey Black, but if the Internet has proven anything, it’s shown just how talented, funny and full of teh cutes kittehs really are. Do you want in on some of this purr-fect action? Of course you do. For all you cat fans out there, here are five websites for fantastic felines.

brown tabby cat

  1. This site hosts a load of lolcat photos. There are a few dogs thrown in the mix here and there (unfortunately), but for the most part, it’s good cat fun. Users can upload their own photos, build their own lols, vote on lol submissions that may be featured on the front page, or just scroll through and enjoy the pictures and captions.
  2. This is the toughest contest on the Internet! You are given two pictures of kittens, and you must click on the photo that you feel is the cutest. Plenty of tough choices in this one, I assure you. Still, aside from having to judge their cutes, you also get to enjoy them. And who doesn’t like pictures of adorable cats? It’s a great boredom killer.
  3. What do you get when you have a cat and then you put stuff on it? What kind of stuff, you ask? Maybe flowers, hats, toys, pillows, ribbons; you know, STUFF! Back to the question. What do you get? You get a website dedicated to cats with random items on them. Nothing harmful now! Just see for yourself. Their kitty expressions are great!
  4. When you first load the site, you are given a random cat video. If you find that cat boring or the video ends, click “next” to be given a new video. You know, a parody of another “roulette” site on which you video chat with random strangers until you click “next”. This is better than any chat roulette, though.You won’t have to deal with random rejections or nudity. The cats don’t click next and are always covered by fur coats! Well, except for this guy.
  5. You can’t have a list of funny cat websites without the classic ICanHasCheezeburger lolcat site. Like MeowCheese, you can upload, create and vote on lolcat pictures, but you can also connect with ICHC on Facebook and Twitter. Plus, they have a store in which you can purchase all the necessary lolcat merchandise and a bunch of other non-cat photo caption sites. Good stuff!

I hope everyone finds these picks as cat-tastic as I do. If cats ever do take over the world, they’ll be pleased I told you about this and spare me.

What!? You find that ridiculous? Shows what you know. Cats are already experimenting with our technology in an attempt to master and use it against us.

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