Top 10 Random Websites

One of my favorite activities is to aimless wander around the internet, finding and lingering around places that pique my interest. I have compiled a list of 10 of my favorite finds.

Sandhills Lighthouse Inn ( A breathtaking Victorian lighthouse, built in 1917, it has been turned into a bed & breakfast. It is located on the Keweenaw Peninsula of Upper Michigan. After seeing this stunning lighthouse, and you envision yourself on the balcony, overlooking Lake Superior, sipping a cup of hot tea you may want to look up plane ticket prices. The nearby airport (~20 minutes from the lighthouse)is called Houghton County Airport located in Hancock, Michigan.

Laurium Manor Inn ( 13,000+ square feet of beautiful Victorian elegance. I have actually been here to take the tour at least a dozen times. It’s incredible. The innkeepers have brought this mansion, built in 1908, by an absurdly wealthy gentleman as a gift to his wife, to life with their extensive antique collection. Historical accuracy is very important to them. They have done a lot of research and tracking of the original furnishings this house once held, so many objects are indeed original to the house. In addition to the Laurium Manor, the innkeepers also own several other houses all located around the Laurium Manor. From the stained glass, the elephant skin wallpaper, the beautiful master staircase, the Hoatson safe, the carriage house, it’s an antique lover’s d-r-e-a-m.

silver iMac with keyboard and trackpad inside room

An excellent website for children’s craft ideas ( You could literally spend days on this website checking out all the unique craft ideas for kids.

Vienna Glenn Photography ( This beautiful, young lady is an extremely talented photographer and writer. Her pictures are wonderful but her writing is insightful, mature, and superb. The short poems and musings are found sporadically placed throughout her photography. The photographer lost her father at a very early age, leaving her mother to raise 6 children. The thoughts this gifted young lady has on why her father passed away, religion, and purpose here on earth are very thought-provoking and well beyond her 20-something years.

Okay, this one is very, very broad but it has everything. I mean EVERYTHING. It is absolutely fascinating the talent and skill people have. Just clicking on the main homepage of Etsy will bring dozens of objects and goods to your attention. Start clicking away and get lost in the world of Etsy. Handmade and vintage collections. Collections created by people from all over the world. From Vietnam ( to Italy (

Not only is Real Simple my favorite magazine, it is also one of my favorite websites for recipes, home decor ideas, and ways to recycle & reuse goods (

Music. Pandora ( is awesome! It’s completely free to join. You start by letting it know what type/genres of music you enjoy. It then plays music by some of your favorite artists to artists that you have never heard of. When a song comes on that you don’t enjoy you click the thumbs down key and it will skip that song, and never play that song again. You can create stations such as the “James Blunt Station” where it will play music on that channel that sounds like James Blunt. Once a song has been played you can’t go back and replay it (why the site stays free.)but you can click on the previously played song and purchase it. Favorite stations that I have created on my pandora homepage include “James Blunt Station”, and “Sarah Brightman Station”.

Weather, always an interesting subject. There is definitely no shortage of great websites devoted entirely to weather. I visit the National Weather Service to see what the weather is like out on the Great Lakes almost daily.

Movie buff. The internet movie databse is great when you ‘just can’t think of that one actor who played that one character in your favorite movie’ and it’s driving you crazy! Type in a name of any movie or actor and it will come up with all of their previous work in addition to any upcoming movies they have been cast in. If you purchase an upgraded membership to this website you can learn more about their future roles and/or upcoming movies. Personally, I find all I need without the paid membership.(

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