My Top 5 Favorite Movie News Websites

The movie industry is booming right now, and where do you find out what the latest box office hit is? Do you call the theater, a friend, or do you go online? All of these can be quite confusing, unless you know where to go. Theaters and friends are not always accurate and can’t always give you the information you’re looking for, but if you go on the net and know where to look you should have no problems at all. There are thousands of sites catering to movie goers like us, but only five are the best. Here on my list I will tell you exactly where to look for the movie information you are looking for.

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Number five

Reel Movie News

This site is not very pretty, but it has everything you need to search for movies old and new. It has the latest news on the upcoming hot shot films and covers all genres. It also has archives dating back a few years, a popular movie list, and an in theaters now list that can help you on your way. Really, this site is not that bad. It has everything you need with out a lot of flashiness, and it makes it easier to make through the site without any distractions.

Number four

Movie Web

This site is a bit flashier then number five. The graphics on this page are very nicely done and this site caters to more than just movie goers, but TV and news buffs too. This site has the latest news, film news, interviews, features, and columns. They also have the latest theatrical trailer reviews. Pretty much, this site is loaded with goodies about all the latest. From movie trailers, the movies themselves, and the actors and actresses that play the parts, this site is definitely overloaded. And that right there is a bit of a problem. This site has so much to look at you may have a problem finding what you are looking for. But all in all it is a good site to land number four.

Number three

Coming Soon

This site is like’s twin sister, with very similar features, and graphics. It gives you pretty much all the same things but a bit more organized. The bold red coloring also gives it a decent appeal to the eye as well. This site offers headlines, features, new releases, top previews, new images, top box office list, and a top selling DVDs list. This site goes farther into the future offering coming soon previews such as the new Predators movie, the untitled Batman 3, and the new Pirates of the Caribbean, all coming out with in the next year or two. This site is great for searching out exactly what you are looking for with out all the clutter.

Number two

Internet Movie Data Base

This site is great for number two with the three lists every movie goers are looking for right off to the left as the screen pops up, the top movies at the box office list, the opening this week list, and the coming soon list. They also have a list of other articles and must haves listing right down the middle of the page. Imdb covers all genres, as it is a site that offers news on the latest and does not discriminate. It is a simple site to help you find what you need and is much easier since everything is literally at your finger tips.

Number one

Yahoo movies

This is my favorite site out of all five. Making number one, yahoo movies offers more than any site above. Not only does it cover all genres, but it offers things like in theaters, coming soon, trailers and clips, Oscar’s information, news, box office, and kids videos. But the icing on the cake is the show times and tickets link that will take you to a list of movies, their show times, and what theaters they are playing in. pending on whether the theater is a regal or not you may even be able to get ticket prices online. This site offers every thing that one needs to find out what is new, where to find it, and what is the best to see. That is why yahoo movies made it to number one on my list.

So what ever movie information you are looking for, here are the best sites to check out. From the flashy to the simple I have listed my top five favorite’s that help me check out the coming soon’s, and keep a heads up on my favorite, horror movie remakes. What ever your poison is, this list will do the trick on helping you on your way. Good luck and have fun!

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