Cool Tokio Hotel Music Videos

Tokio Hotel is a hugely popular emo rock band from Germany. They released their first English album last summer, and are hoping to catch on in the U.K. and America. A lot of the attention given to Tokio Hotel revolves people’s initial question of whether the lead singer is a boy or a girl. To answer, the band is fronted by Bill Kaulitz, a boy. Here are a few of Tokio Hotel’s best music videos for Tokio Hotel newcomers to check out on YouTube:

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The video for the song Monsoon is pretty cool. It features the band jumping out of helicopter, driving in a car through a storm, and performing as a band in the rain. It has a forboding feel to it without being over the top. The german version of this song is Durch den Monsun.

Durch den Monsun

people in street holding umbrellas during daytime
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This is the german version of Monsoon. Durch den Monsun is an entirely different video than that for Monsoon. It features a younger Tokio Hotel. I actually think I prefer this one to the other. But both are pretty cool.

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One of the most popular Tokio Hotel songs. The video is done in black and white, and has the band performing in a young party atmosphere. It is one of the band’s more hyper efforts.


This is the german version of Scream.

Don’t Jump

The band peforms among urban movie-like scenes centered around an apparent suicidal jumper. Nicely produced video and haunting song. The video is cool, but it annoys me a little that the singing doesn’t really match up.

Spring Nicht

German version of Don’t Jump.

Rescue Me

Bill defies physics in this somewhat dark, but cool music video. Awesome song.

Rette Mich

The german version of Rescue Me. Same video as Rescue Me, just different language.

Ready, Set, Go

Cool intro. Then, the band Tokio Hotel performs among a colorless sea of people.

Ubers Ende der Welt

Tokio Hotel’s original German video for Ready, Set, Go.

Der letzte Tag

This music video features the German band performing on top of a building, in front of a crowd of screaming fans.

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