How to Find Free Sheet Music Online

If you’re a music nut like I am, you probably spend a rather large amount of time looking for sheet music. However, as most people know, it can be quite difficult to find good free sheet music online. That is why I have carefully constructed this guide, complete with a multitude of helpful tips and incredibly useful links.

Tip #1: Please be aware that a number of free sheet music that can be found online is not arranged by the original person. It is possible that the sheet music you are obtaining for free could not be entirely true to the original song. Be sure that you trust the source you’re getting your sheet music from. (Although, no matter how reputable the website is supposed to be, arrangement mistakes do happen.)

Tip #2: You should attempt to look at musical education websites first, such as These websites usually have a few free music sheets to print out. Normally the sheet music these websites provide are for well-known songs.

Tip #3: It is always better in the long run to purchase the sheet music. This ensures a 100% guarantee of correctness. I don’t know about you, but I wouldn’t want to find out that I’ve been playing the wrong sheet music of a song for two years.

woman standing watching LED light musical instrument

Here are a few links to websites that offer free piano sheet music (please note that these can work with the harp too):

Pianolicious – This contains hundreds of music sheets for popular songs such as Bella’s Lullaby, Bring Me To Life, etc.

Jeanies’ Home Studio – This contains some easy and fun sheet music, including the Harry Potter theme song.

Solo Sheets – I highly recommend this well organized website. It contains a good amount of relaxing New Age sheet music.

If you happen to play other instruments, here are generic free sheet music websites for you to peruse:

Making Music Fun – Contains sheet music for the piano, strings, woodwinds, and brass.

Celtic Sheet Music – This website is one of my personal favorites. It contains over 3,000 old Celtic tunes.

Download Sheet Music Online – Contains a fair amount of popular sheet music.

These websites contain a plethora of wonderful sheet music, both modern and classic. Hopefully these will aid you in your everlasting search for sheet music.

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