Strange Things in Google Maps is a Web Site for the Cosmic Voyeur in All of Us

One of the most addictive and coolest web sites around today is called Map of Strange: Strange Things in Google Maps. Everybody loves Google Maps, of course. Well, everybody who doesn’t get frustrated when they find their own local destination isn’t one of those places not lost in the muddled mess of miasma that hasn’t yet been updated by the satellites with which Google does bidness. But Map of Strange takes the potential of Google Maps to illogical and thoroughly wonderful, not to mention strange, places.

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For instance, anyone who is a fan of Jonathan Swift and his masterpiece Gulliver’s Travels will be fascinated by the satellite view of an enormous, and enormously impressive, figure of Gulliver tied to a playground by real life Lilliputians in Spain.

Navigation of Map of Strange begins on the left with the latest updates, but to totally enjoy the site to its ultimate your attention is best direct rightward. There you will find a menu of sorts that includes such clickable tags as Sightseeing, Strange, Writing, Cool and Mysteries. They are what they promise. For instance, by clicking on Sightseeing you will be taken to a page that includes such fascinating and never to be forgotten satellite images as, I kid you not, crop circle art in the shape of Oprah Winfrey’s head, or a rare view of the Seattle Space Needle from directly overhead. Clicking on the tag for Cool takes you to everything from a headache-inducing fantasia known as one of ultra-hip architect Frank Gehry’s buildings to the very uncool John Travolta’s house in Ocala, Florida.


Posted by on Thursday, May 21, 2020

It is the Mystery tag that brings up some of the most interesting Google Earth images. For instance, under the left-hand description Line in Ocean will pop up a satellite image of the water with a very long whitish line. What is it? I don’t know, he’s on a third, and I don’t give a damn. A really cool mysterious image is of a man’s face that, as you might well expect, has been said to resemble Jesus Christ, though of course there is not even a description of what Jesus looked like, much less any visual representation by which to make such a comparison.

The world is filled with odd images and shadows and really weird things that people created and constructed and with Google Earth spying on us all (except for Vice President Dick Cheney’s residence, notably) at all times, there are plenty of fun things to check out at Map of Strange.

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