Obama’s Next Agenda: Health Care

There has been an increase in cigarettes by as much as $1.01 to help support the public health insurance for those who do not have health insurance. There are other increases I have heard on soft drinks, fast food, and other items the government deems unfit for its citizens.

These crazy tax increases are not the way to fix a bad problem. By adding tax increases on such things will cause the loss of more jobs, creating higher unemployment, and more people to be left without insurance.

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I don’t know about the rest of you, but the rising costs of health care, those who are without health insurance, partial health insurance coverage, and everything else health insurance and care related needs to be looked into severely.

We have what I call partial health insurance coverage. It covers everything but the costs of medications. We have to pay for every prescription we have out of pocket. This is how the company my husband works for set it up. Why?

Because in order to add the prescription coverage to their current plan, it would have raised the medical coverage for every employee across the board. This includes the amount the employer covers for the medical insurance and what the employees pay each week on their part.

While some may think this a raw deal for these employees like my husband, in some instances it is, when it comes to the prescriptions.The employees all attended a monthly meeting where the health insurance representative came in and explained what would happen with increasing their health care insurance to cover prescriptions.

After a lengthy discussion at this meeting, they put the added prescription plan on hold until further discussion with the employees could be met. After the employer and employees weighed in further on the topic, they decided it wasn’t worth the added increase for them since most aren’t on prescription medications to often. Those who have a family member on a prescription medication monthly figured it wasn’t worth the added increase over time because in most cases the medication costs were cheaper than the added insurance. So they left their insurance policy as is.

They figured since they had medical insurance that would cover doctor office visits, dental, and optical insurance they were good. Now so that you know, I can’t argue that point one bit being a spouse on the insurance. Their medical insurance without the prescription option is darn good.

However, I know there are people without medical insurance that can’t afford a regular doctor’s office visit much less anything else medical related. Over the years we have had our fair share of difficulty with medical insurance and medical costs out of pocket.

Health care costs rise every year and those without insurance find it hard to pay for any major health care costs. For instance, I have an aunt and uncle, who are brother and sister, who have had heart attacks and bypass surgeries. They were both without insurance during their heart attacks and surgeries. In the few years between each of their heart attacks and surgeries, the health care costs for their surgeries and recoveries nearly doubled.

So does something need to happen with this issue of health care and costs? You better believe it does.

Does everyone have the right to health insurance? Yes, they do.

I know when I had my daughter some 20+ years ago, I didn’t have insurance when I gave birth to her. I can’t imagine giving birth to a child today without insurance. I thought the $5000+ for that was outstandingly high.

So I am for one who thinks something needs to be done for an affordable health insurance policy for anyone who is in need of it. This way they are able to visit the doctors office for what ever reason without feeling it is going to put them in the poor house.


Obama to hold meeting today on health care by Ricardo Alonso-Zaldivar, Associated Press Writer, The Associated Press (March 5, 2009)

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