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Top 10 Websites that Will Add Character to Your Wardrobe

1. www.urbanoutfitters.com

I’ve ordered from this site several times and I love the products. Most things are reasonably priced and I am always satisfied with my purchases. They also have some stores in bigger cities, but some items are only available online.

They have more than just clothes and accessories. They also sell apartment furniture, books, and other fun trinkets. It’s a great place to order inexpensive gifts for friends.

I also read the OU blog and download the playlist every month.

  1.  www.modcloth.com

This online vintage shop is not only adorable, it also has some of the most unique finds on the web. It is a lot like Urban Outfitters, but some of the items are one of a kind. It is also has a lot more retro glamor style , which I personally adore.

Again, most pieces are reasonably priced and the site literally has a look for every occasion.

white and orange dog wall decor

  1.  www.etsy.com

Etsy is a great online source for online fashion. They specialize in vintage and hand-made crafts. They have a lot of stuff, much more than just clothes. But I have found some great designers on the site with shockingly low prices. It’s a great place to buy and sell vintage jewelry, or garments.

I have also found a ton of eco-friendly shops on this site. Every seller has a “shop” and they all set their own prices, so some things are pretty expensive, but if you look around for a while you will find some good deals on beauty natural products and home-sewn clothes.

  1.  www.bluefly.com

This is a slightly more expensive site, but it offers more high-end brands. I really like the accessory selection, personally. It is always a good idea to check what is on sale.

Right now there is a sale on Rebecca Minkoff hand bags and I am using all of my self-control not to order one!

  1.  www.mango.com

Mango has the biggest selection online. Honestly, if you need a black skirt or a basic top you can find exactly what you need here at a decent price. If you want something flashy, or more professional you find both in the same place.

Everything is pretty classy. A lot of websites show really great pictures and send you cheaply made garments, but Mango has never let me down. Most pieces look more European and I really like that myself.

  1.  www.net-a-porter.com

This is by far the most high-end and luxury online site I have on the list. It’s really where I look to see what is new, though I don’t usually shop as online stores that are out of my price range. If I want to blow my rent money, I like to at least try on the clothes first.

But if style is more important than dollar bills, I suggest checking out this super chic shopping website.

  1.  www.frockshop.com

I love the designers on this site! Though it is still a bit out of my shopping price range, I would encourage anyone to take a peek at …

Rhapsody.com: Unlimited Music for $15 a Month

Are you tired of searching for free music on the Internet? Are you tired of waiting forever for songs to download, only to find out that it is not the rendition you are looking for, or that you don’t like the song after all? Do you feel like it’s not worthwhile to pay a buck for a song that you’ll get tired of in a few months, or even weeks?

If you answered yes to any of the above questions, you should look toward Real Network’s Rhapsody-To-Go service to solve your online music quandary. At $15 a month, you can have unlimited music at your finger tips for online streaming, or download to your mp3 player that you can take with you to the gym, in the car, or be plugged in to a speaker at a friend’s party.

person holding black and white quote board

I found Rhapsody.com to be extremely pleasant and intuitive to use. It’s great for discovering music and artists you are not familiar with, and the unfamiliar works by the familiar artists alike. Each artist page not only has the complete list of artist’s albums and singles, but also offers information and links to the artist’s contemporaries and influences. For example, by checking out The Cranberries’ artist page on Rhapsody.com, you’ll also discover The Sundays and Sinead O’Connor. There is also quite an international and Latin music selection, and covers most genres from Pop and Acid Jazz to Classical and New Age.

I find that on most days, their online streaming functionality is enough for me because I listen to music most of the time while sitting at my office desk. If this is also the case for you, then I would recommend getting the $10 monthly subscription which covers unlimited access to the Rhapsody.com website and the online streaming functionality. But if you are a commuter like my husband, and spends much time in traffic where good music is necessary to keep you sane, then I would recommend investing in the reasonably priced Sansa Rhapsody Mp3 player, so you can take your music with you anywhere. It’s not by any of stretch of imagination that you can have hundreds of new songs on your Rhapsody player everyday.

I have been a subscriber to this service for over a year now, and I have to say that it has been the best $15 a month I’ve ever paid for (better than Netflix). Try it and judge for yourself.

Happy listening.…

Technology and Its Effects

Pull out your phone. I bet it was right next to you , wasn’t it? While this is normal now, there was a time where most households only had one phone, and it was not that long ago. With the explosion in popularity of we have seen good and bad effects in our community. However, I would like to focus on some of the negative it has done/is doing.

  • less social interaction in person and more via technology
  • no skill needed to solve math problems
  • there is less problem solving and more looking up answers

Have you been out with your friends lately? Did you seem to notice everyone’s favorite activity? Staring at the screen. A lot of people spend more time talking to others over text when hanging out then actually talking to each other. Call me crazy, but anything that can allow you to happily spend an entire day on the couch isn’t a good thing. We need to get out of the house, get some fresh air once in a while. After all how do you think the great people in history did the things they did? I guarantee it was not playing playstation all day or spending an evening taking selfies.

people sitting down near table with assorted laptop computers

I believe people should be able to appreciate technology and how far it has come. I also believe that abusing technology is going to lead to lower functioning individuals over time. If you can get instant gratification of a math problem by searching it online or simply using a calculator what is going to motivate kids to learn the theories and algorithms behind it all? When you only search for an answer you focus too much on the answer and not enough on how you got it. Meaning you will always be searching for answers instead of solving problems.

Do not get me confused. I am not implying that everyone should go out and get rid of their electronics. Technology has come so far, it is truly amazing. The message I am trying to get through is that we need to have some self control when we use technology. Don’t let it run your life, there are too many experiences to be had to just waste life away staring at a screen. This, is how technology has affected me and my generation over the last decade. How has it affected you?…

How to Find Free Sheet Music Online

If you’re a music nut like I am, you probably spend a rather large amount of time looking for sheet music. However, as most people know, it can be quite difficult to find good free sheet music online. That is why I have carefully constructed this guide, complete with a multitude of helpful tips and incredibly useful links.

Tip #1: Please be aware that a number of free sheet music that can be found online is not arranged by the original person. It is possible that the sheet music you are obtaining for free could not be entirely true to the original song. Be sure that you trust the source you’re getting your sheet music from. (Although, no matter how reputable the website is supposed to be, arrangement mistakes do happen.)

Tip #2: You should attempt to look at musical education websites first, such as makingmusicfun.net. These websites usually have a few free music sheets to print out. Normally the sheet music these websites provide are for well-known songs.

Tip #3: It is always better in the long run to purchase the sheet music. This ensures a 100% guarantee of correctness. I don’t know about you, but I wouldn’t want to find out that I’ve been playing the wrong sheet music of a song for two years.

woman standing watching LED light musical instrument

Here are a few links to websites that offer free piano sheet music (please note that these can work with the harp too):

Pianolicious – This contains hundreds of music sheets for popular songs such as Bella’s Lullaby, Bring Me To Life, etc.

Jeanies’ Home Studio – This contains some easy and fun sheet music, including the Harry Potter theme song.

Solo Sheets – I highly recommend this well organized website. It contains a good amount of relaxing New Age sheet music.

If you happen to play other instruments, here are generic free sheet music websites for you to peruse:

Making Music Fun – Contains sheet music for the piano, strings, woodwinds, and brass.

Celtic Sheet Music – This website is one of my personal favorites. It contains over 3,000 old Celtic tunes.

Download Sheet Music Online – Contains a fair amount of popular sheet music.

These websites contain a plethora of wonderful sheet music, both modern and classic. Hopefully these will aid you in your everlasting search for sheet music.…

Technology for Older Generations

If you stop and think about it the foundation of almost all the technology we use today was already in place at the end of World War II. We had computer, television, radio, radar, telephone, rocket and jet power, automobiles, x-ray, and even nuclear power. Most advances that have occurred since 1945 have been the refinement and mass use of all those things.

So, there 21st century isn’t all that scary after all. In many ways the 21st century isn’t much different from the 20th century. If you’re considering or just beginning to use the newer technologies here are some tips that may help.

men's white dress shirt

  1. There’s nothing to fear from consumer technology: It won’t hurt you and you can’t hurt it. Go ahead and jump on in.
  2. Decide what you want or need and don’t let someone else decide for you: What are you wanting to do? Is it listen to music, watch big screen television, record shows, take photographs, receive and send email, make phone calls just about anywhere, access the internet, play games or exercise, join a social networking site, do research, watch movies on a computer?

Those are all things technology can help you with and make easier, faster, and more enjoyable. There are flat screen tvs, digital cameras, cell phones, Smartphones, IPods, laptop computers, GPS and more.

But don’t buy technology just to be buying it. You don’t need more stuff sitting around gathering dust.

  1. Contact a trustworthy relative or friend and ask for advice: Now that you’ve decided to jump in and you have some idea of what you want from technology, ask a knowledgeable relative or friend about different devices and manufacturers.
  2. Purchase only from well-known and trusted sources whether brick-n-mortar store or internet: Schemers and scammers are everywhere. Don’t be tricked by promises of cheap stuff and saving money. Buy from established retailers and wholesalers whether you go to their stores or their websites.
  3. Start simple but with quality: If you’re just starting out, keep it simple. If all you want to do is access the internet and send email, get a quality computer (AppleTM for my money) but don’t purchase extra computing power or fancy software you’re not going to use.
  4. Ask your retailer to suggest good instruction; book, class, or course: Electronics stores and book stores have good selection of instruction books or take a course from a local continuing education college. It’ll be fun.
  5. Start using your technological gadget: Okay, you got it now start using it. Put in that DVD, listen to that IPod, send some emails, give everyone you know you’re cell phone number, post some messages on Facebook, do some web searches on topics you’re interested in-the important thing is to start using your new gadgets.
  6. Experiment with more advanced applications: You’re having fun using what you have and that’s great. Now learn how to upload photos onto Facebook, or play games on your cell phone, or watch movies

Online Coupon Code Websites Easily Save Your Time and Money

Many of us clip coupons. It’s an easy way to save a few bucks here and there. However it does take time to go through all the newspapers and magazine clipping out the coupons you think you’ll use, and then it’s a nightmare keeping it all organized for the next time you go shopping. Also, many of us are now shopping online more and more, and enjoying the convenience, and quite often the savings. These days, most online stores now have an option to enter a coupon code during checkout.

Unfortunately, these coupon codes are sometimes hidden on a page on the site you didn’t visit or in magazines you don’t subscribe to. But with coupon code websites, you don’t have to spend your life looking for coupon codes you only might use later. With the convenience of coupon code websites, you can simply search for the website you’re purchasing from on the coupon site before checking out to make sure you aren’t missing out on a deal.

My favorite is RetailMeNot.com, but there’s also CouponCabin.com and CouponMom.com, just to name a few. Also, you can easily more by simply using your favorite search engine to search for “coupon codes.” Once you find some websites you like, bookmark them for later. When you are actually making a purchase from a site, load up the websites and search them for the specific site you’re ordering from. By searching for the codes only once you decide to buy from a particular place, you save time spent finding and organizing coupons you don’t even end up using.

assorted-color abstract painting

Sometimes you’ll search everywhere but there are no deals to be found. This happens, but this is one of the times where the coupon sites show their convenience. It takes, at best, two minutes to search through several coupon sites. If you don’t find anything, you’ve wasted only two minutes. If you do find a deal, you’ve probably saved more dollars than minutes spent.

Some stores are more likely to have codes floating around than others. In fact, some stores never have any. However if even only one or two of your regular stores consistently has codes, you can save quite a few dollars over time. Online coupon code sites have the same savings as traditional coupon clipping, but with significantly less time spent. This makes these websites appealing to both regular coupon clippers, and those who had never wanted to spend the time on it. Coupon code websites are a new opportunity to save a little green.…

My Top 5 Favorite Movie News Websites

The movie industry is booming right now, and where do you find out what the latest box office hit is? Do you call the theater, a friend, or do you go online? All of these can be quite confusing, unless you know where to go. Theaters and friends are not always accurate and can’t always give you the information you’re looking for, but if you go on the net and know where to look you should have no problems at all. There are thousands of sites catering to movie goers like us, but only five are the best. Here on my list I will tell you exactly where to look for the movie information you are looking for.

turned on projector

Number five

Reel Movie News


This site is not very pretty, but it has everything you need to search for movies old and new. It has the latest news on the upcoming hot shot films and covers all genres. It also has archives dating back a few years, a popular movie list, and an in theaters now list that can help you on your way. Really, this site is not that bad. It has everything you need with out a lot of flashiness, and it makes it easier to make through the site without any distractions.

Number four

Movie Web


This site is a bit flashier then number five. The graphics on this page are very nicely done and this site caters to more than just movie goers, but TV and news buffs too. This site has the latest news, film news, interviews, features, and columns. They also have the latest theatrical trailer reviews. Pretty much, this site is loaded with goodies about all the latest. From movie trailers, the movies themselves, and the actors and actresses that play the parts, this site is definitely overloaded. And that right there is a bit of a problem. This site has so much to look at you may have a problem finding what you are looking for. But all in all it is a good site to land number four.

Number three

Coming Soon


This site is like movieweb.com’s twin sister, with very similar features, and graphics. It gives you pretty much all the same things but a bit more organized. The bold red coloring also gives it a decent appeal to the eye as well. This site offers headlines, features, new releases, top previews, new images, top box office list, and a top selling DVDs list. This site goes farther into the future offering coming soon previews such as the new Predators movie, the untitled Batman 3, and the new Pirates of the Caribbean, all coming out with in the next year or two. This site is great for searching out exactly what you are looking for with out all the clutter.

Number two

Internet Movie Data Base


This site is great for number two with the three lists every movie goers are looking for right off to the …

Five New Technology Gadgets for Weight Loss

Spring is almost here and with spring comes the task of losing a few of those winter pounds you put on. There are many different ways to lose weight and some of those take advantage of new technology. If you are looking to lose weight, then you might want to think of some of these new weight loss gadgets.

BodyBugg is a new gadget that is designed to help you while taking advantage of new technology. The Bodybugg is a small device you wear on your arm that can help you track calories burned and calories consumed. This gadget will help you learn to control portion sizes of the foods you like so you can continue to lose weight. The device uses a digital display to allow you to see how many steps you have taken, how many calories you have burned and is customizable. This device is a web-based program that will input your daily data and help you manage your weight loss goals. This device tracks all the calories you consume and burn every second of every day and it can be viewed either on the wristband or on the web-based software. You are also given instant access to support and coaching through the device without actually talking to anyone. You can also get one-on-one support from a real coach using your phone which is included in the program. This weight loss management device will cost you $80 per year and it runs on a rechargeable battery. The Bodybugg is a great pedometer as well as support coach and is customized to your personal weight loss goals for easier weight loss. You can either buy the Bodybugg on the Internet or in a 24-hour Fitness store near you.

iPad with keyboard, white stylus, white AirPods; and an iphone on table

The Mandometer is also a new device that will help you lose weight in a new and exciting way. This device is like a computer and scale built into one. It is a computer-linked scale that will weigh your plate of food and as you eat it will weigh the remaining amounts of food. The Mandometer has a screen that shows you how fast you are eating your food and what is an ideal rate to be eating your food. The idea behind this device is that it will show you how to eat slower which is supposed to help you lose weight and feel fuller faster. This device will let you know when you are full before the signals are sent to the brain which will help you eat fewer calories. This new device is great because it can teach people about portion control and about how to make smaller amounts of food make you feel fuller. This device also makes you more aware of how much food you are eating because if you are eating too fast then a sound will be let out warning you to slow down. The Mandometer will cost you about 100 dollars at your local health food store or retail store.

The BC1 …

Use Feathers for Food Picks


Food picks aren’t usually intricate things. Normally, there is something like a flower, a miniature playing card, a plastic animal, or another trinket on the end of each one. Thousands of different food picks can be purchased, and hundreds of them made by yourself, and none of it is complicated. No matter what the occasion, you can make or buy food picks that are suitable, and made or purchased, the picks are cheap. Because of that, it’s not challenging at all to have appetizer picks for each special occasion, and picks that will fit right in with the theme of the party. Great for stabbing cubes of cheese, grapes, strawberries, and many other small foods, the picks are almost a must at a party. What else will guests do, pick the foods up with their fingers? So, let’s talk about food picks for a boy’s Cowboy and Indian party or picks for a celebration. Feathers are a great choice and you don’t even have to do anything to them. The quills make the perfect picks and the feathered area offers a colorful accent for nearly any appetizer.

cooked dish on gray bowl

Wispy feathers aren’t the type that you need for making food picks. First of all, their quills are not long and stiff. Secondly, although beautiful, the wispy feather pieces tend to hang down, and no one wants feathers directly on the food. The best feather choice is the colorful, stiff type, made for creating an Indian headdress for a child. The feathers, available in blue, red, green, yellow, and other colors, are found at craft stores – online or in your community.

The feathers that you’ll use for food picks don’t need anything done to them except to be cleaned. Simply wipe each quill with a wet cloth, dry, and push the quill into the food. You can have the appetizers ready in minutes when you use the headdress feathers.

If you want the feathers to be more impressive, take the craft a little further. You can write or draw on them with a permanent marker, color the tips of the feathers with a gold or silver marker, use a rubber stamp to create an image, or even glue tiny beads on them. No matter how you decorate the feathers – or if you decorate them – they’ll look great at your next party. Use all the same color of feathers or put orange ones in the cheese, green ones in grapes, red ones in strawberries, and so on.…

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