ViralPix was recently released and is a new and revolutionary software that allows website owners to control their own Internet image hosting service. ViralPix is a fully customizable software bundle built bottom up with user-friendliness in mind. This innovative software will allow webmasters to give visitors both image gallery hosting as well as image sharing abilities. Other basic functions include; the ability to sign up for free accounts, users are able to maintain unlimited photo galleries where they can store photos and then share those galleries with many others such as bloggers, Facebook and MySpace contacts, family and friends. Additionally, accounts and albums can be created, images deleted, titles and descriptions easily edited, easy commenting and the use of AJAX which increases usability, interactivity, and speed by not having to reload pages.
For the webmasters and administrators, there are many functions available. These include; the ability to view and delete all users and view the users monthly stats (including the space available, bandwidth used, and the number of albums created). The viewable monthly stats include the number of members, albums and images uploaded. Other administrative functions are the capability to specify the number of albums, images per album and number of images per page for each user and the ability to approve images and customize the maximum image dimensions. Additionally, administrators can customize thumbnail sizes and specify the number of words in titles. These features offer complete control over image sharing within the webmaster’s website.

The multi-functioned script attributes include; automatic thumbnail, image optimization, and banning of malicious files; rapid database structure for members; image file formation; MySpace profile code creator, MySpace, website and blog mini-gallery creator; friends email section; advertisement placement; template engines and the ability to comment on other user’s albums. There are a few requirements for using ViralPix. First, it requires PHP, MySQL, GD Graphics Library and Image Magick since the software runs on Linux servers. In most cases, these requirements are offered by most web hosting providers. ViralPix appears to be next-generation software that will make posting and sharing images in galleries a breeze for all users!